Three Valuable Services Recommended to Grow Your Business

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In business, you understand the importance of working smart. For 70 years, our team at United and Turtle Mountain Communications has been making that easy and convenient, with an array of services specially geared to the needs of businesses.

Today’s businesses need reliable connections to conduct commerce and stay competitive. No matter the size and scope of your enterprise, from one person working in a home-based business to hundreds of employees in multiple locations, we have your internet, TV, and phone services covered. Here are three business services that will help you flourish.

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Internet for Business

You can get only as much done as your internet service allows. If you’ve been struggling with slow connections, video delays, or sluggish download or upload speeds, you know the hindrance that can be. Struggle no more – instead, experience the blazing speed of fiber-optic technology. Fiber is the best option to keep you competitive in the marketplace, helping your business to prosper.

In addition to the cutting-edge wonders of fiber power, consider a VPN, a firewall, and offsite backup to keep you and your business safe, secure, and connected. A suite of Protection Tools will guard your computer against viruses and spyware, back up your files, and store and encrypt your passwords. Such peace of mind is a worthwhile investment.

At United and Turtle Mountain Communications, we’ve been the leader in expanding fiber optics to bring businesses the fastest high-speed internet in northeastern North Dakota for decades. Depending on the number of employees and the features that will best serve your daily activities, we offer four different packages, including the popular Business Gig, which features an astounding one gigabit of speed per second, exponentially increasing your productivity. Any business can benefit from state-of-the-art fiber optics and security features.

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TV for Business

Making your customers feel comfortable in your facility is an important part of providing a positive user experience with your business. TV can be a great way to provide your clientele with entertainment while in your establishment, such as in your lobby or waiting area. This communication tool can even be used to increase sales in businesses; for example, playing the next big game in your restaurant or including digital TV packages as a selling point in your multi-family housing rental units.

In addition to regular television programming, there are additional flexible TV service options that may be beneficial for your business to explore. Staying on top of the programs you need to stay in the know in your industry can be challenging in our fast-paced world. Watch the content you need when it’s convenient for you and your team with DVR service. DVR, or “digital video recorder,” allows you to record two shows at the same time or watch one while another is recording. You can even pause and rewind a program in progress.

Pairing TV with business is synergistic. Our team can bring digital TV to your business and provide popular channels such as NFL Network, Hallmark Channel, Nick Jr., and more, as well as premium favorites like NFL RedZone from NFL Network, HBO, and Showtime. With over 150 channels and three different packages, there’s a suite of digital TV programming to fit your company’s needs.

Man at computer speaking on phone

Phone for Business

Clear, dependable phone service is one of the most effective tools for cultivating any business, especially when it also makes you more accessible to your customers. There are many other reasons why it’s a sound decision for your business to maintain a landline, including reliability, security, and safety.

Digital phone service on a fiber-optic network means reliable connections and crystal clarity for long-distance calls as well as local calls. With a plethora of features ideal for handling all your business calls, such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Speed Calling, Voicemail, and more, you’ll be able to reach your customers and vendors more easily – and make it easier for them to reach you.

For the best telephone service anywhere in the region, look no further than your local UTMA team.

Are you ready to connect with more customers, more efficiently than ever before? Contact our friendly customer service team to get started with business services from United and Turtle Mountain Communications, and watch your business thrive.