The services you need, the support you want.

Internet for Business

The speed and dependable connections you need, with the local support you want.

Business Gig

1 gbps*

Businesses with larger group of users
Multiple video conferences
Stream multiple HD videos simultaneously
Upload & download instantly
Handle all Wi-Fi enabled equipment & devices
Ultimate online experience

business expanded

500 mbps*

Great for businesses for 4-5 users
Stream HD video
Upload and download large files
Handle multiple Wi-Fi enabled equipment & devices
Video conferencing

business basic

250 mbps*

Best for businesses with 2-3 users
Video chat
Upload large files
Stream video
Use Wi-Fi for cellphones, tablets, and computers

Business lite

100 mbs*

Bare essential speed for 1-2 users
Watch videos
Download photos & files

Our gig-capable internet service offers value that no other internet provider in our area can:

Reliable connections through our innovative fiber-optic network

The fastest high-speed internet in the region, with the best upload and download speeds​

Exceptional support and assistance from our local technicians and customer service team

Convenient data service plans and unlimited usage capabilities

It’s the kind of internet that makes great business sense.

*Internet prices above do not include phone – to reduce internet price by $10, sign up for home internet, TV, and phone PAC plans on order form. Speeds reflect both upload and download speed. Some restrictions apply. Not all services available in all areas. Internet prices listed above are only for customers with fiber. Speeds not guaranteed on wireless connections. Additional charges may apply. A deposit may be required. Depending on service plan, increased costs may apply. Call for more details.

Advanced Services

Get even more out of your business internet and online experience.


Keep your business computers and vital information safe with our firewall security services.

Offsite Backup

Keep the important files that are critical to your business secure with our in-house backup server services.

Virtual Private Network

Stay connected to your corporate network anywhere in the U.S. with your own virtual private network (VPN).


Take your computer network to the next level with our convenient wireless internet services.


Our experienced and certified wiring specialists can handle any situation, including custom wiring for your business.

Smarter Connections, Brighter Opportunities

Our team is committed to helping businesses thrive. We’re building smart rural communities through our innovative technology, so you can experience increased productivity with stronger connections.

Ready to Connect?

Our team is here to help you find the perfect internet speed and services for your business. Call your local office to get started today.

TV for Business

A lineup of channels that will make a huge impression on your customers. ​

TV Packages

Our TV services for business offer the best in sound and picture quality, with hundreds of fan-favorite channels and premium options to fit the needs of your business. ​


View our Set Top Box and Remote Control Policies.

DVR Service

Watch the programs you need to stay up to date and in the know when it's convenient for you and your business’s team with our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service. Automatically record important segments for your next meeting, record two programs at once, or watch one show on your lunch break while recording another – all without the hassle of videotapes. Plus, it lets you pause and rewind live TV, so you never miss a minute. With our DVR service, all you need is your remote control.


View our Set Top Box and Remote Control Policies.

Phone for Business

All of the phone features your business needs with the services you want.

Whether you’re a large company utilizing numerous phone lines and frequently calling long-distance or a small business looking for something basic to receive your local calls, our reliable digital telephone business services have what you need to connect.

Calling Features

Disconnect Policy

Telephone bills are due upon receipt. If a payment is not received after two months, we will send you a final notice, after which you will have ten days to pay the balance in full.

We charge the following reconnection fees:

  • If your telephone service is disconnected for non-payment, we will charge a $20 reconnect fee.
  • If your telephone and internet are disconnected for non-payment, we will charge a $65 reconnect fee.
  • If your telephone, internet, and television are disconnected for non-payment, we will charge a $65 reconnect fee.

Contact any of our offices to make payment arrangements.

Long Distance Calls:
For long distance rates and plans, visit ND Long Distance. 

Not all services available in all areas. Call your local office for complete details.