Managed Wireless

The ultimate home Wi-Fi, made simple.

Managed Wireless
Maximize Your Wi-Fi

Take your Wi-Fi performance to another level with Managed Wireless.

Cutting Edge WiFi

Experience the ultimate Wi-Fi with our powerful smart home internet system coupled with our gig-certified internet services.

Complete Control

Get total control of your home Wi-Fi network security and settings at your fingertips with our mobile app, SmartWiFi by UTMA.

Fully Managed

Enjoy worry-free and secure Wi-Fi with 24/7 technical support, and no surprise equipment upgrades or maintenance costs.

Managed Wireless

Powerful equipment and service for the ultimate internet experience.


Our Managed Wireless smart home internet system allows you to experience the most advanced Wi-Fi bandwidth everywhere in your home.


Extend amazing Wi-Fi signals to the hard-to-reach corners of your home, garage, or yard with our flexible mesh satellite extenders.


Our service specialists work with you to determine the best possible internet speed and an equipment setup that is customized to fit your home.


Get the latest hardware and software security features built into your system, for peace of mind that your connection is always safe.


No lag and no downtime with the latest technology available, even for households with multi-user streams of data simultaneously.


Enjoy a sleek, beautifully designed smart home internet system that offers a modern look you’ll be happy to display in your home.

Mesh Satellite Extenders

For Wi-Fi that reaches farther, faster.

Intelligent technology in a pretty and powerful package. Our high-performance mesh satellite extenders are small, stylish, and simple to use. Easily connect them to your main smart home internet system with either a wired or wireless connection, and enjoy seamless Wi-Fi coverage that covers your whole home.

The combination of the powerful smart home internet system and mesh satellite extenders offered with our Managed Wireless service delivers strong internet throughout your entire home so that you can seamlessly take your Wi-Fi experience beyond the walls of your house.

SmartWiFi by UTMA

The app that gives you total control of your home Wi-Fi network, performance, and security.

Take command of your connected home with SmartWiFi by UTMA, our free app that gives you complete control of your home network. Simple to set up and easy to use, this app puts the power of your smart home internet system at your fingertips.

What can you do with the SmartWiFi app?

  • Change or reset Wi-Fi network name or password
  • See devices currently using your Wi-Fi
  • Categorize your devices (personal, work, mobile, or gaming devices)
  • Pause the internet for any device, at any time
  • Schedule downtime (bedtime or limited access to gaming devices during school time)
  • Create a temporary or shareable guest network without sharing your main network name and password
  • Run a speed test to verify your upload and download speeds
  • Receive updates about any planned network maintenance or upcoming events


with your Managed Wireless Service

How do you get the app?

Simply download it from your App Store or Google Play and follow the setup instructions. 

SmartWifi Resources

Learn more about our convenient SmartWiFi app with these helpful guides and tutorial videos.


With our SmartWiFi app, you also have the ability to purchase enhanced security features for even more control at your fingertips.


You make the rules. We’ll help you enforce them.
Enhanced parental control service within your SmartWiFi by UTMA app that helps you protect your children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content, limits screen time on devices or applications, and displays online usage.

How can ExperienceIq benefit your family?

  • Limit time for individual apps, sites, or categories (like TikTok)

  • Set schedules to limit or shut off access during dinnertime, bedtime, or schooltime

  • Receive push notifications for various events like time limits or when new devices connect to your network

  • Block apps, websites, or categories you deem as inappropriate (such as Call of Duty, Snapchat, pornography, or gambling)

  • Pause internet for individual family members, devices, or the whole house

  • Defaults Google or YouTube searches to remove inappropriate and explicit content

  • Select which activities or devices get prioritized on your bandwidth, to work, play, and stream smarter

  • View and compare time spent online today, last week, or in the month by category, app, or website

Manage every device on your home Wi-Fi with ExperienceIQ

$3.99 per month

Sign up for both and save!

ExperienceIQ & ProtectIQ – $6.99 per month


Complete data protection and network security for your Wi-Fi network.
Network-level security service available within your SmartWiFi app that actively detects and blocks malicious websites, viruses, threats, and more. No hardware or software required – just simple peace of mind.

What can ProtectIQ do to keep my home Wi-Fi safe?

  • Blocks attempted visits to known harmful websites

  • Proactively monitors your home’s incoming traffic and automatically blocks anything suspicious

  • Provides an active security monitoring service that uses a large and constantly growing database of threats

  • Notifies users whenever a security issue is triggered with details of the event

  • Actively terminates data transfers before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable network device

  • Uses Intrusion Prevention Settings (IPS) to monitor, notify, and prevent activity such as hackers trying to gain access to virtual meetings, streams, or local video content (such as doorbells or baby monitors)


$3.99 per month