Speed fit for every home.

The ultimate internet experience, customized to fit your home perfectly. Our gig-certified internet delivers fast, dependable service, and our Managed Wireless service takes your Wi-Fi performance to the next level. The result: powerful Wi-Fi and reliable signals to keep you connected throughout your entire home.


Strong Connections
Build Strong Communities

Dedicated to empowering our rural communities since 1952.

For decades, we’ve laid the groundwork to offer our rural communities the fastest, most reliable broadband internet services available. Installing our innovative fiber-optic network across hundreds of miles throughout our service areas has allowed us to provide the homes and businesses in our communities with internet that keeps them connected.

We’re proud to be a certified Smart Rural Community Gig-Capable Provider and serve the families, local businesses, and farms in our region with dependable services that help them thrive.

Internet Fit for Every Home

Find the perfect internet plan to make your smart home even smarter.

The more Wi-Fi–enabled gadgets and streaming activities you enjoy in your home, the higher the bandwidth and speed you’ll need for the best possible experience. Get the most out of your internet service by finding the plan designed to handle the needs of your home.

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1 gbps*

Video conference
Stream multiple HD videos
Upload & download instantly
Game online together
Connect all Wi-Fi devices
Ultimate online experience
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family expanded


500 mbps*

Work from home
Binge-watch HD video
Game online
Multiple devices on Wi-Fi