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Service Plans

The highest sound quality from the best phone provider in the region. Our reliable home telephone services are delivered through our innovative fiber-optic network* for the best possible phone experience.

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*Add on additional calling features for an additional cost.

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Calling Features

Whether you talk a little or have a household of people who like to use the phone a lot, our residential digital telephone options have everything your home needs. Choose the calling features that make sense for your home from our complete list of telephone services.  

Terminating Call Manager

The easy way to end unwanted calls.

End robocalls for just $1.95/line per month. With our call-screening service, Terminating Call Manager, you can block unwanted callers, automatically block numbers that others already reported, and more.


Take your call management to the next level.

Manage your call screening service, Terminating Call Manager, with our easy-to-use ManageMyCalls app. Available in mobile app or web versions, ManageMyCalls allows you to enable or disable your call screening service at any time and create your own custom allowed and blocked number lists.

Disconnect Policy

Telephone bills are due upon receipt. If a payment is not received after two months, we will send you a final notice, after which you will have ten days to pay the balance in full.

We charge the following reconnection fees:

  • If your telephone service is disconnected for non-payment, we will charge a $20 reconnect fee.
  • If your telephone and internet are disconnected for non-payment, we will charge a $65 reconnect fee.
  • If your telephone, internet, and television are disconnected for non-payment, we will charge a $65 reconnect fee.

Contact any of our offices to make payment arrangements.

Long Distance Calls:
For long distance rates and plans, visit ND Long Distance. 

*Not all services available in all areas. Call your local office for complete details.