How to Protect Yourself from Hackers

How to protect yourself from hackers

The internet gives us opportunities like never before. From an individual person to an international business, it gives us all the ability to do more. Whether you use the internet to run an office or watch cute puppy videos, there is one thing we have in common: The need to protect ourselves from the growing number of online threats.

How can you protect yourself from hackers? By being aware of the threats out there and taking some proactive steps to keep yourself safe.


How to protect yourself from online threats


Become familiar with common online threats to help identify them in the future. Be aware of the top cyber security threats, including:

Phishing is content – such as emails or landing pages – from a company that appears legit, requesting your personal information.


Spam is a pest internet users often deal with for years, unsolicited and sent to the masses. Some are harmless while others become a breeding ground for malware.


Malware or “malicious software” is made for the sole purpose of harming computer systems and comes in several forms:


Ransomware is when your computer system is being held hostage until you pay up.

Spyware software allows hackers to get information from your computer without your knowing.

Trojan horse refers to a type of malware that camouflages itself, tricking you into downloading or installing it onto your computer.


Protect yourself from these and more online security threats with these tips and tools:



  • When in doubt, never give your private information out
  • Keep your email as private as possible by avoiding signing up for everything
  • Stay up to date on the latest scam alerts reported by the FTC
  • Make unique, complex passwords for all of your accounts and change them regularly


Examples of good bad and good passwords




We offer some of the world’s best software to give you a fierce security lineup. Learn more about how each of these can help you protect your valuable information from hackers and security breaches.


SecureIT computer security software


Cyber threats don’t stand a chance when this guard dog is on duty. With its industry-leading security system, SecureIT works seamlessly in the background to protect your computer and mobile devices from viruses, spyware and phishing scams. Automatic updates ensure your machines operate the latest software, so you get the peace of mind you deserve without any of the fuss.


FileHopper online backup


From precious photos to private documents, keeping your files safe is a must when it comes to online security. Locking up your personal data is a cinch when you have FileHopper, the backup beast that uses 256-bit encryption – that’s a fancy term for one of the most secure methods available – to safely back up and store your stuff online. Because no one should have to endure the dreaded computer crash or accidental file Armageddon.


PasswordGenie password manager


The perfect companion to always have by your side, Password Genie is here to make life easier for you and harder for hackers. Using that fancy 256-bit encryption we all love, this industry-leading technology does everything password-related, from generating and storing to rating strength and sending alerts.



To learn more about these online protection tools and how to sign up, click here or call our local team of experts at United and Turtle Mountain Communications today.