3 Reasons to Opt for Fiber-Optic

You Choice is Black & White when it comes to high-speed internet.

Internet is a necessity for most of us today – but with so many options, how do you know which one to choose? When it comes to our high-speed internet, the choice is black and white. We have the flexible options that you can count on, all delivered through our dependable fiber-optic network.


why choose fiber-optic


High-speed internet that is powered by a fiber-optic network is the clear choice. These small yet super-powerful fibers provide you with a faster, more reliable and more efficient internet source.


Speed – Fiber-optic cables are made of tiny optic glass fibers. In spite of their size, they pack a punch – smaller fibers mean higher capacity for more fibers, resulting in more powerful connections for you.


Reliability – Fiber-optic cables use light signals rather than the electrical signals that copper wire uses. Light signals from one fiber don’t interfere with those of another fiber. This means fewer interruptions, so you can experience a more reliable, clearer connection.


Efficient – Smaller, more powerful fibers that experience fewer interruptions are more efficient. Data is transmitted faster, more securely and over greater distances with fiber-optic cables. Additionally, these fibers are longer-lasting and require less powerful transmitters, for a more efficient internet source.


Meet the speeds


At United and Turtle Mountain Communications, we’ve got a small herd of fiber-optic–powered internet speeds that range from super-charged to sensibly simple. Let these descriptions ‘steer’ you in the right direction to find the speed that speaks to your needs:



“I’ve got a group of people downloading large files and streaming HD videos simultaneously, 24/7.” Our gig-capable internet is the fastest, most powerful speed in the region. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ve found it.



“Our crew needs to download large files quickly while also crushing some HD streams of online gaming.” A smart choice for those who have several Wi-Fi–enabled devices, and the need to stream without interruptions and download large files quickly.



“We’re going to binge-watch that new TV show while also downloading those new rockin’ albums.” If you have a household with multiple connected devices and want to continuously stream your flicks or download large files, this speed has your back.



“I want to stream a movie and connect my phone and tablet to Wi-Fi.” The sensible choice for those who like to watch their shows through a wireless connection or download large files while having a device or two connected to Wi-Fi.



“I need to check my email to see when that package is going to arrive.” You don’t want anything too fancy, and just use the internet for the essentials. Our 25 Mbps has your basic bases covered.


The choice is udderly clear! Try high-speed internet from United and Turtle Mountain Communications today.


Don’t (cow)tip it ‘til you try it – choose the speed you need, and you’ll see the choice is black and white when it comes to our fiber-optic high-speed internet. Want to chew the fat about your speed options? Our friendly team of experts is happier than a cow from California to help you find the perfect fit. Give us a call today!



Please note we’re working hard to bring fiber-optic capabilities to every pasture or patch of grass in our service area, but this takes lots of labor and not all services are available in all areas quite yet. Please give us a ring for complete details.