3 Tips for a Magical Internet Experience

Man using tablet

Ever feel like your internet is playing a disappearing trick on you? Many factors contribute to slowing your internet down or disrupting connections, resulting in a Wi-Fi experience that would rival a turtle. Put these tips to good use for an internet connection that is nothing short of magical.


Depending on the number of people and internet-connected devices in your home, you may need to opt for a faster speed to handle the Wi-Fi load. Long gone are the days of just a computer or two connecting to your internet.

Today our houses are filled with more devices and appliances that connect to the internet than ever before. Everything from cellphones and smart TVs to thermostats, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers and your bathroom scale is connecting to your internet. While these advancements can be amazingly convenient and allow you to remotely access information from anywhere, they can also slow down your Wi-Fi.

For those who love gizmos and gadgets that use the internet – and have a house full of others who do the same – we offer our most powerful internet speed available, 1 Gig service. This super-speed allows you and your whole household to simultaneously stream and download large files in mere seconds.

What can gig-capable internet do?

Fast speeds with Gig internet


Several other internet-amplifying services also exist to help you keep the magic of super-speed internet alive, including:

Managed Wireless

Customized, high-powered equipment that produces stronger Wi-Fi signals in your home. This service also allows technicians to troubleshoot problems more quickly and offers 24/7 support. Plus, you won’t get any surprise upgrade or maintenance costs.


SmartWiFi by UTMA

A handy – and completely free – mobile app that works with your Managed Wireless service so you can manage and control the wireless equipment and networks in your home – anywhere, anytime.


Protection Tools

Spyware and viruses on your devices can bring your internet down to a crawl. Protect your equipment – and your important personal information – with the help of industry-leading security tools.


There are plenty of ways to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network to help speed things up, too. Here are a few things you can try to help increase your router’s range and maximize its capabilities:

  • Add bunny ears
  • Centralize router
  • Change router channel
  • Consider bandwidth hogs
  • Remove interference
  • Secure your signal
  • Update firmware
  • Upgrade router

To learn more about these troubleshooting tips from United and Turtle Mountain Communications, click here.

We hope these tips for Wi-Fi success help keep the internet magic alive and well in your home. Have questions? Our friendly team of experts is ready to get you answers. Give us a call to chat about your internet and how we can help make it more magical today.