The Best Wi-Fi Duo: Powerful Speeds & Managed Wireless

Smart technology continues to change the way we live. According to a report from 2022, households own 16 smart devices on average – an increase from 13 connected devices in 2021.

You may be thinking, “How could people have that many devices?” Keep in mind, smart technology encompasses anything that requires an internet connection to operate. With the endless list of today’s Wi-Fi enabled devices, it’s easy to forget how many we have in our homes.

How Many Devices Do You Have?​

Every additional device you connect to your Wi-Fi requires more bandwidth to support its functionality. If you have too many devices on an internet speed plan designed to handle less, this will cause issues like slow load times and connectivity problems.

It’s important to have an internet speed that accommodates all of your devices and to use products to streamline your connection. A great combo we recommend: any speed from our gig suite and our Managed Wireless service!

Gigabit Internet

Did you know North Dakota ranks as the best connected state for gigabit broadband availability? As an internet provider that serves the northeast part of the state, we’re proud of this fact – especially since most of our customers live in rural communities that rely on fast, reliable internet to thrive.

Because of our investment into fiber optic decades ago, we’ve been able to offer the latest internet speeds to our customers for years. As of early 2023, we expanded our gigabit internet offerings to include 2.5, 5, and 10 gig!

Does this mean gig is your only option for enjoying the internet? Not necessarily! Your best speed will depend on how you use the internet and the number of devices under your roof. Those who have fewer smart devices can benefit greatly from our 250 or 500 MPBS plan.

Whichever speed you choose, your internet performance is even more streamlined with our Managed Wireless service!

Managed Wireless

In addition to our fiber internet options, our experts suggest signing up for Managed Wireless to truly get the best possible internet experience. This service works alongside any internet speed to improve Wi-Fi performance, give you complete control of your network and security settings, and receive 24/7 technical support.

Plus, with Managed Wireless, you no longer have to worry about outdated routers or surprise equipment upgrades and maintenance costs; you will always have the most up-to-date, powerful equipment. You can also add mesh satellite extenders that help to broaden your Wi-Fi signal to every hard-to-reach corner of your home, yard, and garage for an additional charge. The result? Strong, reliable whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

Another (free) perk of this service is total control of your network with the SmartWiFi app. Monitor your usage, create guest passwords, schedule downtime, and much more right from your mobile device! You can also upgrade to premium features ProtectIQ™ and/or ExperienceIQ™ for additional security and parental controls.

To sign up for an internet plan or our Managed Wireless service, contact our friendly team at your local office!