ExperienceIQ: The Insanely Easy Way to Set Parental Controls

The internet is a wonderful tool that can connect us with people and information from all over the world. However, it’s also a public space where anyone can access anything, at any time, if left unrestricted.

This can be a problem for children and teens who may not fully understand the dangers of using the internet. According to the National Security Alliance, kids have a higher risk of becoming victims of online scams, identity fraud, and other cybercrimes. That’s why it’s important to educate our youth about basic online safety.

Until they learn these skills, however, parents can use different platforms to help protect their kids from the unsavory side of our digital world. One such tool is ExperienceIQ™, a premium parental control feature of the SmartWiFi by UTMA app.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of ExperienceIQ™ and how to sign up through your Managed Wireless service.

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How ExperienceIQ™ Works

When you sign up for Managed Wireless, the SmartWiFi by UTMA app is free to download. The app offers a variety of functions to monitor your wireless network. However, many parents want more control over what their kids see on the internet and when they’re allowed to use it. That’s where the ExperienceIQ™ feature comes in handy.

For an additional monthly fee, parents can use the ExperienceIQ™ platform to:

Remember: parental controls are only one aspect of online safety. However, tools like ExperienceIQ™ can help you protect your children from the wide range of digital dangers today. It also offers a way for you as the parent to set boundaries that are essential for your child’s development and well-being.

Take Protection One Step Further

ExperienceIQ™ covers the parental control aspect of managing your network. But what about overall cybersecurity for your home? Fortunately, there is another premium feature of the SmartWiFi app that bolsters your defense against cyberattacks: ProtectIQ™.

This Wi-Fi network-level security blocks hackers and other online threats at your router before they can penetrate your home network and the devices connected to your Wi-Fi. As cyber threats become more advanced, ProtectIQ™ offers an extra layer of security for your household. 

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Sign Up Today

To sign up for ExperienceIQ™, the first step is to download your SmartWiFi by UTMA app as part of your Managed Wireless service. Visit either the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device, and follow the directions on your screen. Once complete, contact our team to add ExperienceIQ™ to your subscription for just $3.99 per month! For more information about ExperienceIQ™ or ProtectIQ™, visit our Managed Wireless page.