Protect Your Home Network with ProtectIQ

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With as many smart devices as we have in our homes these days, it’s no surprise that we’re more vulnerable than ever to hackers, viruses, and malware – and as quickly as our devices are advancing, it seems as if every day one or another needs a system update.

In the past, the answer for security coverage was downloading device-level anti-virus software for things like our laptops and desktop computers. While this form of security coverage is still essential in today’s tech world and a formidable tool to help safeguard your equipment and private information, there are several types of smart devices in our households that quickly outpace software capabilities or don’t have the option to download security software at all.

These gaps in security coverage could potentially leave your home’s devices vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. From security cameras to baby monitors, smart TVs, home-gym equipment, and more, these high-tech devices require a more robust preventative layer of security to keep you covered.

Luckily, with your Managed Wireless service, there’s an app for that: ProtectIQ offered through our SmartWiFi by UTMA app.

ProtectIQ Takes SmartWiFi to the Next Level

As a premium feature available in your SmartWiFi app, ProtectIQ offers an extra layer of protection. This Wi-Fi network-level security helps stop unauthorized access, such as hackers and cyber threats, at your router before they can penetrate your home network and the devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

This means data coming into your Managed Wireless smart home internet system will be automatically scanned for viruses, malware, and ransomware. If any malicious traffic is detected, ProtectIQ will block its access to your network and send you a push notification alerting you about the activity.

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Benefits of ProtectIQ

ProtectIQ puts the security right at your Wi-Fi network itself, helping to stop an attack on a device connected to your Wi-Fi network before it actually reaches your device. As cyber threats become increasingly advanced, an extra security barrier like ProtectIQ is an excellent step to protecting your and your family’s devices and private information.

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Even smart devices such as home gym equipment, TVs, security cameras, and kitchen appliances are protected from potential cyber-attacks when your network is safeguarded with ProtectIQ. Although you don’t browse on this equipment, it does contain personal information; you can’t risk hackers breaching any of these devices.

A dashboard illustrates real-time protection of your Wi-Fi network. In the event of an attempted attack, you’ll receive alerts on your smartphone with details of which device was targeted, when, and from where. No need to take any action; these alerts are for your information. Rest easy – ProtectIQ automatically blocks the security threats.

Taking Your Protection Further

It is important to note that while this network-level security will offer exceptional protection against malicious incoming traffic, it is still extremely vital that you proceed with caution whenever using the internet, receiving suspicious or unsolicited emails, or other potential online threats. Knowing the common signs of online scams or threats and how to properly avoid them is an essential part of practicing online safety for you and your entire family.

How to Sign Up for ProtectIQ

ProtectIQ is the first line of defense against cyber-attacks on your home, and it’s available exclusively in your SmartWiFi app as part of your Managed Wireless service plan. Best of all, we provide all the updates to security, so you have peace of mind that your network security is handled.

To get started, download the free SmartWiFi by UTMA app in your App Store or Google Play and follow the set up directions on your screen. Once your setup is complete, contact us to sign up for the premium ProtectIQ feature for just $3.99 per month.