Make Your Camping Adventures Extra Great with Fiber Internet

Planning to set up camp at Mount Carmel Dam this summer? Stay connected while enjoying the outdoors with a fiber internet plan for your campsite through United Communications!

Here’s everything to know about acquiring internet for your summer getaway.

Plug In & Chill Out

Camping is all about reconnecting with nature while taking a break from the demands of daily life. But when you want to work remotely from your camper, map out a hiking trail, find a campfire recipe, or unwind with a movie after a long day in the sun, it’s useful to have an internet connection. (It is the 21st century, after all!)

Whether you want to keep it basic or go big with gig, we offer a fiber-powered plan to fit the needs of your campsite:

Managed Wireless $5.99 per month*
+ Choose your speed:
250 Mbps
$65 per month*
500 Mbps
$85 per month*
1 Gig
$110 per month*

Maximize Your Wi-Fi

Enjoy reliable signals anywhere you camp with Managed Wireless! Used alongside your internet plan, this service offers next-level Wi-Fi performance, control, and security. Perks of Managed Wireless include:

1. Powerful Equipment

We provide high-powered equipment for strong, dependable Wi-Fi. Every system is built with the latest hardware and software security features to keep your connection safe.

2. Superior Support

Experiencing internet issues on your campsite? Our friendly technical support team is available 24/7 to ensure a stress-free internet experience.

3. Complete Control

Monitor your Wi-Fi network, schedule downtime, and much more through our free SmartWiFi mobile app. You can also add ProtectIQ™ for increased cybersecurity or ExperienceIQ™ for enhanced parental controls. Upgrade to one for $3.99 per month or both for $6.99 per month!

Sign Up Today

Can’t wait to get camping with a fiber internet connection? Contact us today to sign up and start your summer off right!

*All plans require Managed Wireless for an additional $5.99 per month. Some restrictions and additional fees may apply. Prices listed do not include taxes or surcharges. Speeds not guaranteed on wireless connections. Call 701-256-5156 for more information.