Landline Phones: What to Consider Before Cutting the Cord

Blue corded telephone with yellow background.

More and more people are opting to rely solely on their mobile phone for their primary means of communication. While only dealing with one phone may seem tempting, is a cell phone leaving you more vulnerable than you know? Learn more about the benefits of landline phones and why cutting the cord may not be the option for you.





Landlines are associated with your physical address. The ability to pinpoint your exact location in the event of an emergency can save crucial time and help expedite response efforts.

Having a wired phone in times of natural disaster can also be a lifeline. Backup generators on landline phones can last up to a week, whereas those of mobile phones may only last a few hours.






Your security software may require a phone connection to operate and call for help. While wireless can be a second option, this poses the same problem of not being 100% reliable in a storm or state of emergency.






“Can you hear me?” isn’t something you need to clarify when you’re using a digital telephone line. At United and Turtle Mountain Communications, we use a dependable fiber-optic network to provide you with a phone that consistently has reliable reception and gives you crystal-clear conversations.





When you add a phone line on to your other communication services, you can oftentimes save money. Check out our PACs options for combining your phone, TV and internet to get the best deal for your needs.


Get connected with the phone service that speaks to your needs today. View our variety of calling features, learn more about our digital telephone service or give our team a call to discuss a plan that works for you.