5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your TV Service

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Looking for ways to get even more out of your digital TV service? We have tons of great additional entertainment options, ways to make your viewing more convenient, and even ways you can save some money.

Take a look at these 5 ways to enhance your TV viewing experience today:

Whole Home DVR

Control the way you want to watch your favorite TV programs with the help of Whole Home DVR. This service gives you the power to watch your shows uninterrupted and save them to watch when it’s convenient for you.

Whole Home DVR lets you:

  • Record any program
  • Automatically record entire seasons of shows
  • Watch a show while recording another
  • Rewind and pause live TV
  • Organize recordings in folders and groups
  • Access your entire library of recordings on any TV in your home

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TV Everywhere

What to do when you want to watch your favorite shows away from home? Lean on your TV Everywhere service, available for free with your TV subscription. This handy option allows you to watch shows from some of your favorite networks wherever you are – traveling, out at the camper and everywhere in between.

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You may be wondering how much data a movie or TV show uses when watching on your mobile devices without an internet connection.

Here is some streaming information to consider:

  • The amount of data ultimately depends on the quality of the stream (higher quality will require more data), which may vary from different video sources or networks
  • Watching TV shows or movies in standard definition can use about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream
  • Streams featuring high definition video can use up to 3 GB per hour

Movie Options

Rounding out your TV service with premium movie options is easy with our Video On Demand and Movie PACs choices.

Video On Demand

Available with your TV service, Video On Demand offers you hundreds of movies, from new releases and classics to family favorites and more, all from the comfort of your couch. Check out the lineup of awesome movies available on your movie night in, and easily order right from your TV for a small fee that will be included on your next bill.

Movie PACs

Pump up your TV service with an upgrade to one of our two great Movie PACs!

Movie PACs 1 features your choice of either Starz and Starz Encore or Showtime and The Movie Channel.

Movie PACs 2 includes both Starz and Starz Encore AND Showtime and The Movie Channel.

Premium Channels

Looking for even more premium TV and movie options? We also offer HBO and Cinemax subscription services. Learn more about how to get these added to your service today by giving us a call.

Football Heaven

If you’re a big lover of all things football, look no further than our RedZone subscription service. This premium channel gives you every touchdown from every game on Sundays during the NFL season. It’s football heaven on earth. Never miss a scoring play again – contact us to sign up today.

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Refer a Friend

Score some brownie points with your friends. Get a $25 credit to both your and your friend’s bill when you refer them to our service! It’s a win-win kind of referral program.

We’re here to make your TV experience the best it can possibly be. To learn more about any of our TV-lover options, speak to one of our friendly customer service team members today.