We all love saving a pretty penny here and there, right? When your monthly bills come around, it’s nice to find ways you can cut costs without having to cut out the things you love to do. Your entertainment services should be no different!


Here are some quick tips on ways to save on your TV, internet and phone services:



Package Your Way to Savings


One of the best ways to save on your services is to combine them in a pretty little package. When you get all three services in one convenient PACs – TV, phone, internet – our entertainment prices are lowered for each service, helping to give you all the goodies you want at a more affordable price.


Choose the PACs that fits your household best here.


Keep it Basic


If the whole kit and caboodle of services isn’t your thing, you have options. Keep it basic, with some simple services that still give you the entertainment you want, but without all the bells and whistles.


TV not necessarily your thing anymore? Set your speed with the internet that fits your needs. Add a phone line to this service, and you can save $10 on your internet service. Learn more here.



Refer to Save


Score a $25 bill credit from United and Turtle Mountain Communications when you refer a friend to our services. Plus, your friend will also get a $25 bill credit – it’s the best win-win around. Get all the super-saving details here.


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