The Fascinating Day in the Life of a Telecom Professional

Telecommunications workers play a vital role in our digital world. They are responsible for installing and maintaining the fiber network our customers use for their internet, phone, and TV services every day.

But what exactly does a day in the life of a telecom worker entail? In this blog post, we get the scoop from three employees on our team at United and Turtle Mountain Communications. Here’s what they had to say!

Eric Lagasse

Broadband Specialist – Rolla, ND

Meet Eric Lagasse, a broadband specialist who joined our Rolla crew in early 2023. His work day involves addressing support tickets, fixing vulnerabilities with our fiber network, and keeping software up to date.

“I’m always researching and figuring out problems people may have when it comes to network or computer-related issues,” he shares. “It’s rewarding when a customer is overjoyed that we fixed their internet.”

In his role, Eric uses his experience with computers to educate our customers about online safety. This is especially true when it comes to new and existing online scams, he adds. “Teaching people about these issues shows we’re there for them if they have questions on anything internet or security related.”

Getting used to all the different software can be a challenge, especially for a newer broadband specialist like Eric. However, he’s grateful that there’s always someone else on our team who has an answer.

“Everyone around me is excellent to work with and I never feel like an outcast,” Eric says. “It’s nice to have coworkers and friends around you who can relate to topics within your line of work, especially when you can solve a problem together as a team.”

Outside of work, Eric enjoys tinkering with computers, playing video games, watching movies, and going for walks. “That is, as long as it’s not -30 degrees outside with 22 feet of snow,” he adds with a laugh.

Robyn Ramberg

Customer Service Representative – Langdon, ND

If you live in Langdon and are a current customer, you’ve likely interacted with our teammate Robyn Ramberg. Like broadband specialists, Robyn helps customers every day. But as a Customer Service Representative – a position she’s held for 27 years – her role is much more hands-on.

As one of our most experienced team members, Robyn is a person our newer employees can look to for guidance. But mostly, her average day in the life involves working directly with our customers.

“I help answer questions for customers via telephone and walk-ins,” she says. Her responsibilities also include inputting customer payments, activating and managing their services right from her desk, billing, and working on 9-1-1 reports, to name a few.

One thing Robyn likes about her position is that there’s always something to learn, even after nearly three decades on the job. “I have more confidence and knowledge of the technology world,” she shares.

When she’s not at work, you’ll find Robyn spending time at the lake, going to her kids’ activities, and spending time with family.

Tim Goff

Network Technician – Langdon, ND

After 12 years as a network technician for our Langdon team, Tim Goff’s average day involves learning something new. Whether it’s changes in equipment, technology, or the way people do business, Tim is constantly adapting as the telecom industry evolves.

He primarily handles tasks related to video, but also assists with internet and phone services for customers. “Our services provide entertainment, allow businesses to communicate with the outside world, and ensure access to emergency care,” Tim says.

Service outages are among the biggest challenges Tim can encounter in his day. However, that makes fixing them even more rewarding.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce service interruptions and improve our network to provide our customers with the best experience possible,” Tim adds.

In his personal time, Tim enjoys painting, playing the drums, listening to music, or traveling.

Join Our Team

As illustrated from Eric, Robyn, and Tim’s perspective, the average day in the life of a telecom worker is always changing. However, there’s one common theme of all these positions: helping people stay connected. If you enjoy working with people, solving problems, or tinkering with the latest technology, a career in telecommunications might be for you.

United and Turtle Mountain Communications is always looking for talented folks to join our team in Rolla, Bottineau, or Langdon. We proudly offer competitive wages and excellent benefits to all members of our team. To view our latest job openings, check out our Careers page!

Thank you to our teammates Eric Lagasse, Robyn Ramberg, and Tim Goff for sharing your stories and offering a glimpse of your standard workday. We’re going to feature other members of our team in the future, so stay tuned!