Your Personal Wi-Fi Butler

UTMA Managed Wireless is you personal Wi-Fi butler.

Is your internet working hard enough for you? Or do you find your Wi-Fi struggling to keep a solid connection? Are you frequently calling in to have your password reset, or experiencing long downtimes? Have no fear, your personal internet butler is at your service with UTMA Managed Wireless!

A customized equipment and 24/7 monitoring system, our Managed Wireless service is like your own Wi-Fi butler, always working in the background to make sure everything is running just right. For only $5.99 a month, you will experience a more powerful, easily diagnosed, and secure internet service that is in tune with the unique needs of your home.

Powerful, tailor-made equipment with Managed Wireless.

Managed Wireless offers powerful equipment that is tailor-made for the specific needs of your household. This provides you with Wi-Fi performance that is more predictable, so you can experience less downtime and spend more time surfing and streaming.

Managed Wireless allows technicians to resolve issues quickly.

This handy service allows our team of technicians to resolve issues without having to travel to your home to keep you up and running. Managed Wireless is like a personal butler that consults with our team, giving us the power to quickly troubleshoot simple issues such as incorrect passwords, help with parental controls, determine wireless interferences, and verify connectivity in your home.

Your Wi-Fi butler has your back, with no surprise upgrade and maintenance costs or upfront equipment investments other than the low monthly payment of $5.99. Plus, because Managed Wireless allows us to resolve most issues quickly and remotely, you save having to get a technician to visit your home to diagnose problems. It’s a win-win.

Take your high-speed internet to the next level by letting your personal Wi-Fi butler do the heavy lifting and keep you connected 24/7 with our Managed Wireless service. For more details on how you can begin to have your Wi-Fi waited on hand and foot today, contact your local office to sign up!

Some restrictions apply. Not all services available in all areas. Contact your local office for more information.