Kick This School Year into High Gear

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New school year, new internet! With school right around the corner, your to-do list is probably full of everything from pencils and notebooks to clothing and shoes – but what about your internet? Make sure it’s up to the challenge of handling school projects and evenings filled with online research, while still giving the rest of the household a powerful internet connection.

Unstoppably Fast, GIG-Capable Internet


The perfect solution? Our 1 Gig internet service. Our most powerful speed available, gig-capable internet will keep your student in the fast lane for all their online needs for school, without compromising the Wi-Fi connection to all the other devices in your home.


Home Internet Devices


It’s easy to forget how many household devices access the internet and take up your bandwidth, and sometimes grinding your Wi-Fi connection to a halt. Today everything from refrigerators and televisions to scales and thermostats can access your internet. Add to that mix the number of students in your home using the internet more and more during the school year for homework, and your connection can start to suffer quickly.


Gig-capable internet allows you and your entire family to:

  • Stream HD videos from multiple devices simultaneously
  • Download*:
    • 25 songs in one second
    • Favorite TV show in three seconds
    • Full HD movie in 36 seconds


Plus, if you’re looking to skyrocket your internet experience even further, we highly recommend our Managed Wireless service. This extremely affordable service puts high-powered equipment at the most optimal position in your home to provide maximum Wi-Fi capabilities. In conclusion, Gig-capable internet + Managed Wireless = online success all school year long!


Need we say more? Contact your local office to sign up and kick this school year into high gear with our 1 Gig internet service today!


*Example represents estimates at maximum network capabilities. Some restrictions apply. Not all services available in all areas.