Esports Sponsorship: Fostering Tech and Gaming Opportunities in Local Communities

In an era where technology and education intertwine more closely than ever, our team at United & Turtle Mountain Communications proudly announces our community support as an official sponsor of the Fenworks 2023-2024 Esports Program. This groundbreaking initiative cements our role as a leader in fostering technological growth within our community’s youth.

Fenworks has been piquing students’ interest in competitive tech activities, leveraging the shared fervor for esports to introduce vital skills integral to succeeding in STEM-related fields. They have blazed trails, proving once again that competitive spirit paired with educational value can be a catalyst for meaningful engagement and personal growth amongst students.

We have always envisioned a future where everyone possesses the skills to seize the boundless opportunities of the digital world. This vision now takes form as a tangible investment in North Dakota’s future tech enthusiasts, through the facilitation of engaging, state-of-the-art school activity programs from Belcourt to St. John and Dunseith.

“Supporting our local schools and encouraging those interested in technological innovation is not just about giving back; it is about paying forward — ensuring that our youth have the tools and opportunities to create tomorrow’s breakthroughs,” states Steve Swanson, CEO of United & Turtle Mountain Communications. “Our partnership with Fenworks aligns with this mission, highlighting our commitment to community, connection, and cultivating opportunities.”

This collaboration sets a precedent for community-based endeavors in boosting educational and career prospects. Our sponsorship brings more than just equipment and excitement; it stands as a testament to the belief in the unsurpassable potential of our young people when given the chance to challenge themselves and excel.

As a proud member of the Broadband Association of North Dakota, we invite every community member to join in celebrating this partnership, which promises to be a defining leap in our commitment to enriching the capabilities, connections, and futures of our youth and our region.