Share the Love: Refer a Friend and Save $25 on Your Services

Two young women smiling and looking at a mobile phone together outside

Are you a fan of your internet, phone, and/or TV services from United & Turtle Mountain Communications? Tell a friend about it and you can save money on your bill if they sign up through our Refer a Friend program!

Every time you refer a friend who subscribes to our services, we’ll credit $25 to both your bill and your friend’s bill. The more friends that sign up from your referral, the more you can save!

In case it would be helpful to have talking points when you approach your friends about making the switch to United & Turtle Mountain Communications, we’ve laid out three reasons for you why they should consider signing up for our telecomm services; see them below.

We have everything you need to stay connected.

United & Turtle Mountain Communications is dedicated to strengthening our rural communities with the high-speed services they need to work, learn, and play in the digital age. Whether you need high-speed internet, phone, television, or a combination of services through convenient PACs, our team offers a variety of options that fit your needs and keep you connected to what matters most to you.

Woman on couch with dog and tablet.

We’re your local telecomm provider.

We are proud to be the local telecomm provider throughout northeast North Dakota. Because we are local, our team consists of friends and neighbors who are eager to help their fellow community members stay connected to their loved ones and colleagues.   

Peggy Lider, for example, is one customer service representative in our Bottineau office who enjoys this aspect of her job:

United Communications customer service representative Peggy Lider smiling and holding a sign that says “Connecting Our Communities”

“I especially like to help customers my age and older, who didn’t grow up with all of this technology, to figure out what service they need to be able to connect with their children or grandchildren. This makes everyday life better in a big way!”

You can read more about Peggy and other United customer service representatives you may recognize from your own community here.

We’re invested in our communities.

Another reason your friends should consider switching to United & Turtle Mountain Communications is that we are always investing in ways to make our services better, particularly through the expansion of our fiber optic network. This innovative technology delivers blazing-fast and gig-capable speeds to our customers.

We began laying the groundwork for our fiber optic network in the 1990s when public installation of fiber became widespread. To date, nearly all of our customers have access to this future-proof telecommunications solution, and we will continue expanding our network until we reach 100% coverage while exploring other technologies that improve quality of life for our customers.

Now that we’ve outlined three reasons why people should make the switch to United & Turtle Mountain Communications, the next step is to start referring your friends! If you have any questions about our Refer a Friend program, contact our team and we will happily assist you.