Fast As Fast Gets

GIG internet is fast as fast gets

What is 1 Gig internet? Our gig-capable high-speed internet is the fastest connection available. If you have a home or office filled with gizmos and gadgets that use your Wi-Fi, and are surrounded by others who have the same – this is the speed you’ve been waiting for.



Superspeedway gig-capable internet


Put your online experience on the superspeedway with our 1 Gig internet.* Delivered through our innovative fiber-optic network, gig-capable internet is the most powerful speed in the region. Download 25 songs and you’re jamming gears in one second. Want to download that movie you’ve been dying to see in HD? You won’t have time to pop the popcorn before it’s done. Do more of what you love, faster than ever before. Online pastimes, meet efficiency.



Feel like you're in the slipstream with GIG internet


Ever get that dreadful ‘Loading…’ pop-up while you’re trying to watch your favorite show while scrolling through the latest on social media? Get 1 Gig internet and say ‘goodbye’ to online pit stops from a slow connection. With this ultra-fast speed, multiple people can surf the net, stream go-to shows and game like there is no tomorrow – simultaneously; ‘Loading…’ not included. Buffering, meet dust.



Soup up your internet speed with 1 Gbps


Before you cross the finish line with flying checkers, soup up your internet connection even further with Managed Wireless. This points-leader service uses nitro-boost-level equipment to amplify your Wi-Fi capabilities for even stronger signals, making sure your super high-speed stays on the right track. Speed, meet power.


In need of some internet throttle therapy? Folks, this is as fast as fast gets. Put the pedal to the metal with our 1 Gig service today! Call your local office today to get ready, set, go.



*Fiber-optic customers only. Some restrictions apply. Not all services available in all areas. Call for complete details.