More Insight into the Daily Life of a Telecom Professional

It’s hard to envision a world without telecom professionals. They are the dedicated workers who install and maintain fiber optic networks and help us connect to essential internet, phone, and TV services.

As a telecom provider, we are well aware of the pivotal role telecom professionals play in keeping our communities connected. We featured three of our team members in our first installment of a “Day in the Life of a Telecom Professional” back in June 2023. Now, it’s time for three more employees to have the spotlight!

Keep reading to gain additional insight into the daily life of these hardworking, experienced telecom professionals on our crew.

Tasha Christianson

Plant Records Clerk – Langdon, ND

Say hello to Tasha, a Plant Records Clerk who works in our Langdon office. Tasha has worked as a Customer Service Representative for most of her tenure. Shortly before her 7th work anniversary this year, however, she transitioned to the Plant Records department, where she collaborates with technicians, troubleshoots issues with customers, and updates company records.

As a lifelong learner, Tasha is enjoying the opportunity to challenge herself in this new role. “I love that every day is something new,” she says. “I’m always learning and getting new tasks to deal with. My brain loves to stay busy!”

Troubleshooting is one area she finds particularly rewarding. She likes helping customers solve the issue from start to finish. “If I’m able to restore the services while on the phone with a customer without sending a tech, that’s a huge win for me,” Tasha adds.

Something Tasha wishes more people knew about United and Turtle Mountain Communications is how much the company cares. “We are always trying to update our equipment and make sure you have the best services available,” she says.

“Whether it’s the exhausted parent relying on us to turn on the TV so they can have those 30 minutes of distraction, the work-from-home customers who are relying on us to do their job, or someone using security cameras to have peace of mind that their property is secured, we know you’re depending on us, and we appreciate that you trust us.”

Outside of work, Tasha stays busy raising her children and hopping onto a tractor to help out her husband, if needed. She’s “obsessed with cows” and hopes her family eventually gets back into the cattle business. For now, she’s content going on adventures with her kids down to the pasture to find interesting rocks.

Dave Bakke

Network Technician – Langdon, ND

Next up is Dave Bakke, an experienced Network Technician who also works in our Langdon location! Most days, Dave is in the office helping customers resolve internet issues over the phone. He also assists with technicians who are on-site.

“Fixing issues in a timely fashion or improving service for a customer is very satisfying,” says Dave. “People pay for this service and expect a reliable, quality product in return.”

After many years on the job, Dave has seen how much technology has evolved. It can be challenging to keep up. However, one thing that never changes is the satisfaction of solving problems – especially when customers express their appreciation.

“Many of the people having issues are not that familiar with technology and have some anxiety when trying to troubleshoot,” Dave adds. “If you are patient and kind, many can overcome their apprehension and fear and get through the basic troubleshooting.”

Dave is grateful to have a career that allowed him to put down roots and plan his future.

“I have a lot of great coworkers who have become friends for life,” he says. “United Communications has given me stability and security, and that has been great for raising my family.”

In his free time, you can catch Dave following his youngest daughter’s sports activities, working on classic cars, or attending car shows.

Rebecca Feist

Broadband Specialist – Langdon, ND

As with Plant Records Clerks and Network Technicians, every day brings a new challenge for Broadband Specialists like Rebecca Feist. In her role, she’s responsible for maintaining corporate device security and assisting customers with more advanced troubleshooting services.

“Throughout the day, we manage tier-two tickets after the Plant Records Department completes the first tier of troubleshooting,” explains Rebecca, who’s worked at United Communications for over a decade. “Usually it’s businesses, schools, or government agency tickets, but it depends.”

Rebecca’s favorite part of her role is community outreach. The Broadband Specialist team hosts technology education courses like the “Phone How-To” class they held at a senior center. Rebecca has also presented at her son’s Career Day at school.

“I explained how the internet works at an extremely high level,” she shares. “(The kids) had lots of good questions. I’d like to do something like that at a higher age level, too.”

With past experience in the Plant Records Department, Rebecca says her promotion to Broadband Specialist in October 2020 has helped her professional development “by leaps and bounds.” She recently achieved the CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst (CySA+) certification to further boost her credibility and knowledge in the telecom industry.

 “I’m just getting started,” Rebecca adds. “The opportunities I’ve been given at United Communications have been game changers.”

The position has also given Rebecca and her husband the opportunity to raise kids in a small town, much like the one where she grew up in Minnesota. “I feel blessed that both my husband and I were lucky enough to find careers that suited us in a small town. Langdon fits our family well.”

After working most of the day with the logical side of her brain, Rebecca likes to channel her creativity in her personal time through her woodworking hobby.

Consider a Career in Telecom

As illustrated in this insight from our amazing colleagues, a career in the telecom industry is a rewarding way to help others, solve problems, and get involved in the community. Interested in expanding your knowledge in this exciting and evolving industry? United and Turtle Mountain Communications may be the workplace for you! Visit our Careers page to view the latest job openings in Langdon, Bottineau, or Rolla.

Huge shoutout to Tasha, Dave, and Rebecca for sharing their experiences in the telecom industry. We’re grateful to have you aboard!