Kids Club Tech Knowledge: Computers

Kids Club Tech Knowledge: Computers

Howdy, Kids Club members! Who’s ready to learn about technology? In today’s post, let’s learn how computers work and some cool ways you can use them!


Computers help people all over the world do things every day, and they have become a necessity for learning, playing games, and talking with friends or family. Because so many of us use them on a daily basis, it’s easy to hit the power button and begin using your cool gadget without a thought about how it actually works. When you stop to think about it, these machines are pretty amazing!



How Computers Work


What are computers and how do they work? Chances are you’re using one to read this right now, whether it’s a tablet, laptop or smartphone! Computers are complex electronics that store or process information. Put your thinking cap on and watch this video to learn more!




Computer Fun Facts



Excited to share your new knowledge of computers? Use these fun trivia questions to test your friends and family!

Computer Fun Facts


Computer Actvities


If you’re interested in learning more about computers and how to use them, there are loads of resources out there that can help! Here are a few of our favorite websites for you to try out:


E-Learning for Kids

Put your computer skills to the test with lessons on typing, programs, safe internet usage and more for kids of all ages.


PBS Kids

Keep your brain sharp with these games that have all sorts of fun topics, from science and writing to teamwork and problem solving.


Khan Academy

If you’re really good with computers and are looking for more of a challenge, explore the world of computer programming and coding with these great lessons.


Group of kids using a computer


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