Eight Fun and Affordable Fall Activities Your Kids Will Love

The leaves have begun changing colors, the sun is bright, and the air is crisp – or is it gloomy and drizzling outside? Either way, fall is definitely here, and it’s a great time to take your kids exploring the outdoors or creating crafts around your table together. Get inspired with these fun ideas, perfect for any kind of fall day.

A young boy bird watching along a river during autumn


Is there anything better than spending time outside on a bright autumn day? Your kids will enjoy it even more with these activities.

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love discovering nature, and a fall scavenger hunt is the perfect way to experience it up close. It’s a great sensory activity that can be done at a park or in your own backyard.

Bird Watching

It’s fascinating for kids to observe the ways each kind of bird is different. Bird watching is great for learning observational skills – and bonus points for practicing patience!

Campfire Apples

If your family enjoys gathering around a backyard fire, this campfire apple dessert is a must-try. It’s easy and pairs well with hot dogs and s’mores.

Spooky Stories

Speaking of campfires, what’s a campfire without a good old-fashioned spooky story? Brush up on these classic campfire stories, or have the budding creative writers in your family make up their own to share.


If it’s a little too chilly or damp outside for your kids, make some memories indoors with these rainy-day crafts and recipes.

Fall Wreath

Looking for something to do with all the pretty leaves your kids collected during their scavenger hunt? Make a festive fall wreath with poster board and glue, hang it up and enjoy the homemade décor!

Green Apple Playdough

Autumn is known for aromas like green apple, and now your little ones can make their own apple-scented playdough with this easy recipe.

Paper Bats

With Halloween around the corner, these cute bats made from coffee filters are sure to thrill your kids. Just make sure you save some filters for your coffee!

Pumpkin French Toast Sticks

Fall wouldn’t be fall without a dash of pumpkin spice. Your kids will have a blast helping whip up a batch of these delicious pumpkin-flavored French toast sticks.

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