How to Solve These Four Common Internet Problems

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Internet is an essential tool in our world today. By allowing us to connect with family members, collaborate with co-workers or have access to news and entertainment, internet access makes much of our daily activities possible.

Experiencing issues with internet can be frustrating, but oftentimes the solutions are simple. Here are four of the most common internet problems we see and solutions to resolve them.


Keeping your family safe online is a top priority. As cybersecurity threats continue to be a part of the internet world, it is important to stay vigilant and protect yourself and your private information. When in doubt, do not open anything that you do not know is from a verified source, and never give out your personal information.

Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Slow Internet Connection

This is probably the biggest issue that people experience with their internet, and there is a large number of reasons that can be the culprit. The most common cause we see is that customers don’t have the right speed to meet the demands of their home.

Find out if you have the right speed in your home.

If you know your speed is the correct fit for your home, but are still experiencing issues, there are several troubleshooting methods you can use to boost internet connection.

Here are nine ways to boost your internet speed.

Weak Router Signal

If you test your internet speed and it’s working at full capacity, you may need to focus on your router. Try to first reset your router by turning it off for 20-30 seconds. If that does not solve the problem, there is a chance that your equipment is outdated and you may need to replace it.

A helpful solution we offer is Managed Wireless – this gives you the most powerful equipment for strong signals and eliminates the need to update your router, while offering 24/7 support.

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Lack of Wi-Fi Security

Another important part of keeping yourself safe while also keeping your internet connection strong is to make sure your Wi-Fi is secure. Wi-Fi protected access, or WPA, protects your internet with a password to prevent unauthorized users gaining access to your connection, which can drain your bandwidth and lower your speed.

How to find your WPA password.

For all of your other internet or communication service questions, our friendly team is always here to help. Contact your local office for any questions you may have.