Ahh, the internet – perhaps one of technology’s most advantageous advancements, with the help of Wi-Fi, it gives us answers to our peculiar questions, helps us complete our latest research project, and fuels our occasional binge-watching sessions.


However, just like any technology, Wi-Fi is not perfect and it sometimes needs a helping hand to give us that powerful connection that skyrockets our online experience. What is a tech-savvy, internet-loving fella to do? Enter Managed Wireless – a powerful equipment solution to your problems that offers maximum Wi-Fi capabilities.


To best understand how this handy service will help your internet experience, let’s take a look at the causes of slow Wi-Fi, what Managed Wireless is all about, and what you will experience when you sign up!


What Causes Slow Wi-Fi?


From outdated equipment and router placement to your house location and amount of bandwidth usage, there are countless culprits that can end up making an otherwise stellar Wi-Fi connection come to a grinding halt. Routers get a lot of daily use, and over time the wireless signals become too weak to reach everywhere in your home, resulting in connections that don’t extend much farther than the immediate surrounding area.


How about the number of people and devices in your home? From cellphones and laptops to smart fridges and bathroom scales, it’s easy to forget about every device that uses the internet in your home. Add to that the potential of their accessing the Wi-Fi connection in your home simultaneously, and it’s easy to see how it could be bogged down.


While there are a few tips and tricks you can try to amplify your Wi-Fi on your own, Managed Wireless is our most-recommended solution to internet woes.


What is Managed Wireless? 

Managed Wireless – AKA the Wi-Fi connection hero – combines the most powerful equipment, 24/7 support, and dedicated technicians to give your home the strongest possible Wi-Fi connection throughout your home.


Our team will analyze your current setup and determine where connection weakness can occur. Then, using our super high-powered equipment, a technician will work to formulate the optimal configuration for your home to allow your Wi-Fi signal to reach its potential.

What You'll Experience


Experience the internet the way it was meant to be with Managed Wireless. For just $5.99 a month – no surprise upgrade or maintenance costs to boot – you’ll get the powerful equipment that produces a stronger Wi-Fi signal for your home to keep everything connected. Plus, if you ever do have any Wi-Fi issues, you’ll get quick resolutions through our 24/7 support line at 800.844.9638.


Need we say more? If you’re ready to give your Wi-Fi connection a super boost, contact us to sign up for Managed Wireless today!


Some restrictions apply. Not all services available in all areas. Contact your local office for complete details.

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