How Gig Internet and Managed Wireless Plans Benefit Your Home

Woman in kitchen with several wi-fi enabled devices

Internet is an essential tool for how we live, work, and connect in today’s world. More than ever before, more people are working from home and an increasing amount of Wi-Fi enabled devices we use daily – all of which need strong, fast, and reliable internet services and speeds that can handle the amount of bandwidth needed to support all our devices.

Our gig, or 1 gigabyte per second (Gbps), internet service is the fastest connection around, giving you the power to do whatever it is you love using the internet for. With the endless list of today’s Wi-Fi enabled smart devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, appliances, lights, automation systems, etc. – it’s easy to forget just how many we have in our home. With every additional device you connect to your Wi-Fi, comes the need for more bandwidth to support their functionality.

How Many Devices Do You Have?​

If you have too many devices on an internet speed plan designed to handle less, this will cause issues like slow load times, connectivity issues and more. It’s important to find the speed that fits your needs best to provide you with the optimum internet service.

In addition to our 1 Gpbs internet plan options, to get the truly best possible internet experience in your home, our experts suggest making sure you sign up Managed Wireless. This service works alongside your internet speed to improve Wi-Fi performance, give you complete control of your network and security settings, and is fully managed by our team for 24/7 technical support. Plus, with Managed Wireless you no longer have to worry about outdated routers or surprise equipment upgrades and maintenance costs – you will always have the most up-to-date, powerful equipment.

Woman on computer video conferencing.

Managed Wireless also gives you the option to build a better internet experience completely customized to your unique home with optional mesh satellite extenders that help to broaden your Wi-Fi signal to every hard-to-reach corner of your home, yard, and garage. The result is strong and reliable whole home Wi-Fi coverage. Add to this that you have total control of your internet network in the palm of your hand with our SmartWiFi app for everything from parental controls and traffic monitoring to real-time alerts and more, it makes Managed Wireless an exceptional option for your internet experience.   

To start your gig internet experience today, sign up for the services that fit your needs or call our friendly team at your local office to learn more.

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