Farm-Friendly Internet: Solutions Making Farm Life Easier

Man in field looking at tablet mobile device.

Technology growth and expansion have helped more rural communities enjoy the benefits of connectivity, whether in town or on the farm. At United and Turtle Mountain Communications, we’re proud to offer a wide range of services and products that help make your farming life a little easier. From connecting with family and checking crop reports to monitoring your farm, here are some top ways to improve farm life:

Broadband Internet

Today, more rural areas than ever have access to broadband internet connections. Internet is essential to any farming business, and our team understands your need for connection to grow and develop your operation. Our powerful broadband solutions help make that happen by giving you internet through our innovative fiber-optic network for faster uninterrupted speeds that deliver.

A man and woman looking at a tablet.

Wireless Access Point

Create wireless capabilities on your farm to stay connected to everything from your family to weather and crop reports. Wireless access points are hardware devices that allow you to create wireless networks in homes, yards and farms. Get wireless connections where and when you need them most to stay productive and grow your business.

Security Camera System

Lying awake at night worrying about your equipment and farm? A great way to get the peace of mind you deserve is by setting your farm up with a security camera system. Remotely access footage to stay connected to the farm, even when you can’t actually be there. You can also receive surveillance text alerts* when cameras detect motion at the farm in real-time.

*Data rates may apply.

Hand on remote pointing to TV screen.

DVR Security Footage

Need to take a look at the security footage later? No problem. All security footage can be automatically recorded to your DVR, so you can review and rewind footage with the click of a button.

At United and Turtle Mountain Communications, we’re part of the movement to connect all of North Dakota and help build smarter rural communities. We’re excited to help you and your farm find the solutions that work for you. Contact our team to discover yours today.