3 Keys to Carefree Internet

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Whether you’re working from home, using high-volume streaming for gaming, or keeping up on current events, it can be frustrating to be held up by sluggish internet. A reliable connection is a necessity for most households today – but how can you make sure your internet is as fast as you want it?

There are several things you can do to help get the most out of your internet. Start by considering all of these bandwidth killers:

  • Poor router placement
  • Outdated router
  • Wrong router channel
  • Dated firmware
  • Unprotected network
  • Interference
  • Too many devices connected

If you’ve taken steps to correct the potential internet connection issues above and are still experiencing some connectivity problems, you may have outgrown your current internet usage plan.

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Choosing the Right Speed

It may be tempting to opt for the cheapest internet plan available, but some homes simply need a higher level of speed in order to use the internet the way they want. For example, our lowest speed of 25 Mbps is a great option for homes with just one or two internet devices that simply want to surf the internet or shop online, but any more bandwidth usage than that can cause the connection to be bogged down and overextended.

How do you know what internet speed is right for your home? We can help! Fill out our internet usage survey and send your completed form to our customer service team. We will help you determine which level of speed will work best for your household.

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Managed Wireless

An effective and affordable way to boost your internet is our Managed Wireless service for just $5.99 a month. Because old or weak wireless routers can be a drag on your wi-fi connection, our Managed Wireless option uses high-powered equipment, GigaCinter, and allows us to analyze potential issues remotely, all to give you the strongest possible signals throughout your entire home. We take the hassle out of maintenance, so you never worry about router upkeep or surprise upgrade costs.

Plus, broaden your connection even further with Managed Wireless Extenders for only $3.99 per month (Managed Wireless required). The quality of your connection depends on your device’s distance from your router. These powerful pieces of equipment are money well spent, giving your connection an even bigger boost by extending your coverage so you can reach every corner of your home, yard and garage.

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SmartWifi by UTMA App

This handy mobile app is completely free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. SmartWifi by UTMA puts the power of wi-fi connections in your hands by allowing you to:

  • Change wi-fi passwords
  • Create and manage guest networks
  • Set up users
  • Associate devices to specific users
  • Control access rules for individual users
  • Monitor internet traffic in real-time

To learn more and get instructions on how to set up SmartWifi by UTMA on your phone or tablet, go here

For more internet connection tips and help with finding the right solutions for your home, contact our friendly team of customer service specialists to get started today.