Top 5 New Features of the ManageMyTVs app!

Set It & Forget It with the ManageMyTVs App

As we slowly say goodbye to lazy summer days, fall brings a myriad of fresh starts and activities to keep us busy and on the go. Check something off your to-do list with the new ManageMyTVs app, part of our recent TV services upgrade! Just in time for your favorite TV show’s fall premiere, this mobile app allows you to program your DVR on your mobile device, even when you’re not at home, so you don’t miss one minute of what you want to watch later.

5 New Features on the ManageMyTVs App

  1. View, search, and filter channels on the TV guide.
  1. View a list of recordings from all DVR-enabled set-top boxes.
  1. View What’s Hot content.
  1. Manage, set, and delete DVR recordings.
  1. Perform remote control functions, such as changing the channel, from your mobile device.

New features of the ManageMyTVs app for $1 per month

For only one dollar per month, managing your DVR has never been easier and is just a click on your mobile device away. Start enjoying these great features by calling your local office to set up the ManageMyTVs app on your mobile device today!