5 Steps to Get in Gear for the New School Year!

Lazy summer days are coming to a close, and it’s time to gear up for a fresh start – the new school year! Set your students up for success with these five steps.


Avoid the mad dash and have a plan. Most schools provide a list of needed school supplies ahead of time. Go through the list with your student and agree on what you already have and what needs to be purchased. This will keep you all on track, and help you avoid purchasing unnecessary items that may break the budget. Doing a little planning beforehand and getting around to shopping sooner will help you get the best deals and avoid missing out on products that are sold out.

TIP: If gizmos and gadgets are what you are after, make sure to shop local and get all of your Apple products directly from your local office – it’s quick, easy, and convenient, and will save you a trip out of town!


Studying is back in swing and students need a quiet space to focus. Carve out a little niche of your home specifically for their studying and homework needs – it could be a desk in their room or even just a space on the dining room table. This is a great place to store a computer for researching and homework needs. Make sure to sign up for the right internet speed and managed wireless to fit all of your family’s unique needs during the school year, and boost them to the top of the class!

TIP: Create a study tote that includes pencils, highlighters, index cards, calculators, notebooks, an expanding file folder, and whatever else your student may need to keep everything organized and in the same place for easy access.


Sports, extracurriculars, bus times, play dates, vacation days – the school year is jam-packed with activities and it can get hectic at times with children here, there, and everywhere. Keep everyone organized and on the same page by creating an info corner that has updated calendars for everyone’s activities, reminders, and a place to leave notes.

TIP: If your family likes to get digital, create iCals that can be easily seen and updated by everyone in the family on the go!


The school year means early mornings and long days. Have your students start getting up early at least a week before school starts, so they can get back into their routine and start fresh at the beginning of the school year!

TIP: Try having your kids maintain a schedule all summer long, in terms of both waking hours and summer education, to prevent ‘the summer slide,’ which may lead to a decline in what they have learned during the school year. Reading even five books a summer and at least a chapter or so daily, among other educational projects throughout the summer, will help your star student maintain what they have learned and set them up for success the next year.


With the classes comes a bit of chaos and a lot of hard work, but remember to have some fun too! Whether it’s family board game and pizza night, or tuning into your favorite shows when they start their new fall line-up, make sure to schedule in some family time and fun.

TIP: Make family fun night a new tradition! Scheduling it for the same night each week gives your children something to look forward to. Family fun night can be whatever your family enjoys doing: board games, crafts, outdoor games, movie night, etc., can all be great options! To really motivate your stellar student, allow them to pick the family fun night activity once a month as a reward for achievements in school.