Record Shows to Your DVR From Your Phone or Computer

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The perfect app to pair with your TV-loving heart: ManageMyTVs web portal (free) and MyTVs mobile app ($1/month). These handy apps let you schedule and manage your DVR recordings from any device, anywhere. It will make your TV-watching experience better and more convenient than ever.

Manage your DVR recordings from anywhere. With the ManageMyTVs and MyTVs, you can connect to your DVR-enabled set-top boxes to schedule and manage DVR recordings even when you are not at home. You will be able to schedule new recordings or view currently being recorded programs. Additionally, you can view and search the TV program guide for your favorite shows or programs.

Running late and don’t want to miss your favorite show? Set it to record from your phone wherever you are. Lost the remote to the dark depths of the couch for the third time this week? Use your phone as a remote.

What can you do with ManageMyTVs?

Manage all DVR recordings

Whether you want to record a one-time showing or an entire series to your DVR, this app makes it super easy with the click of a few buttons. Plus, you can view current recordings and organize them in folders, so each family member has their own.

View and search the TV program guide

Know what’s coming up and what you need to schedule while taking mental notes of when to make the popcorn.

Filter channels by Subscribed and Favorites

This makes finding your go-to programs on the TV guide easier than ever, with ninja-like speed.

See recordings from all DVR-enabled set-top boxes

Allows you to make sure you’ve got every show or program you could ever want to watch secured, just patiently waiting for you to watch.

Perform remote control functions

Search through your DVR settings with your phone, conveniently making your mobile device a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment.

How do you sign-up?

Daydreaming about how this is going to make your TV-watching that much better? We’re in the same boat and excited to help you get started. To sign up, call our friendly customer service team at your local office. Once your account is created, you’ll be able to access the ManageMyTVs web portal from your computer using your phone number and a 4-digit password you’ll set when you call us. To get the MyTVs app on your mobile phone, download it from the App Store or GooglePlay and follow the in-app instructions to add your account.

Have questions? Learn more here or give our team a call today.