What Speed Do You Need?

Find your perfect internet speed and win 1 month free!


The internet is a wonderful tool that keeps us connected to one another and in the know about what’s going on worldwide. This handy resource allows people to do everything from check emails and find a new delicious recipe to simultaneously stream their favorite shows or games.


When it comes to deciding on an internet speed or PACs option, how do you know what will work best for your unique needs? This is where our team of experts comes in! We’ll help match your lifestyle with one of our flexible high-speed internet options, plus enter you into a drawing to win one month of free high-speed internet service – it’s a win-win!


Every home is unique; why should your entertainment services be any different?


We understand how frustrating staring at that ‘loading…’ signal can be, and want to make sure you’re set up with the speed that will give you enough power to do whatever it is you like, from surfing the net to streaming that multi-user game seamlessly. To make the process super simple, we’ve put together our handy Internet Usage Survey form for a quick and easy way to count the total household devices that affect your internet capabilities and help determine your ideal speed.


Excited to find your perfect match? Simply fill out the Internet Usage Survey form and submit your completed survey by emailing it to customerservice@www.utma.com or mailing it in to your local office. Once it’s received, one of our experts will review it and contact you to discuss your total devices and typical internet usage, and recommend the speed that best suits your unique needs.


We’ve designed the following speed levels to accommodate the needs of most households, but the beautiful thing about our ultra-fast, fiber-optic high-speed internet service is that our speeds are essentially limitless. We are a NTCA Gig Certified Provider, which allows us to go above and beyond typical household speeds to better serve our wonderful customers, no matter what their need for speed is.


High-Speed Internet 10 Mbps allows you to watch videos, send email, and surf the net with ease.


High-Speed Internet 20 Mbps allows you to stream movies, play games, and surf your favorite sites – all at the same time.


High-Speed Internet 50 Mbps allows you to have fast-response gaming and streaming of HD movies simultaneously from multiple users.


High-Speed Internet 100 Mbps offers super speed for homes or offices running multiple media streams at once.


Whichever fits your lifestyle, we’ll have your perfect speed up and running so you can spend more time actually enjoying the internet. Plus, you will be entered for a chance to win one month of free high-speed internet service! Get started with your Internet Usage Survey form today and once our team has set you up with your perfect high-speed internet service, your account will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win.


Win one month of free high-speed internet service.

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