The Power of Choice

Times have changed, and here at United and Turtle Mountain Communications we have changed right along with them. Long gone are the days when the only option to pay your bill was to receive it in the mail and then mail back a check each time. Now payments can be mailed or paid online with the click of a button. No matter which way you choose to pay, this month’s United Connection will give you options to fit your unique lifestyle.




Being one of the easiest and quickest ways to pay puts this method at the top of the list. Go green and sign up to receive ebills each month and utilize online payment through the SmartHub portal to make payment convenient for you anytime, anywhere. To take advantage of paying online, you just need to sign in or register with your account information on SmartHub. If you’d like to skip registering, you can choose Pay Now without an account and enter your information monthly.

You can even set up automatic payments through SmartHub, which takes your payment directly out of your bank account each month, without having to remember to pay or lifting a finger! This option can be set up after registering for your SmartHub account, and is ideal for those who don’t want to have to worry about remembering to send their payment or accidentally missing one.

Online payments, whether manual or automatic, are a great option for the on-the-go, tech-savvy bill payer who loves doing their business on their computer, smartphone, or tablet!




Another easy-to-use, simple way to pay immediately is our Pay-By-Phone option. This option allows you to quickly and securely pay your paper or ebill with your credit or debit card over the phone with no additional fee! To pay your United Communications bills, please call 1.844.829.1954, or for Turtle Mountain Communications bills, call 1.844.829.1953.




Mailing payments is the traditional method of choice for many. Your bill will be mailed to you mid-month and you will just need to mail in your payments to the address listed on your invoice. If you choose this method, please make sure your payment is sent in plenty of time to arrive by the due date, as mailed bills can take longer to receive and process than the methods listed above.

No matter which way you choose to pay, we have options that will best suit your needs.