Technology for Kids: Fun Ideas that Require Less Screen Time

Child drawing on paper with iPad on desk.

Technology is amazing! It gives everyone from ages 2 to 102 so many ways to learn, connect and play. When we think of technology, we often think of eyes glued to a screen – but this doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of fun ways to use technology that involve less screen time and more creative brain power.

Here are a few of our favorite fun tech ideas for kids that require less screen time…

Young kid outside taking photos.

Lights, Camera, Action!

An excellent way to get the kiddos’ creative juices flowing is to have them make their own home video or stop action movie. This is great for less screen time, because a majority of the work can be writing a storyline and script, taking photos, or acting and directing video footage!

Once your kids have enough content to work with, you can use simple video editing software to put the project together. Learn more great techniques and tips from this Kids Activities Blog article.

Two young girls drawing on paper.

These Minds Were Made for Mapping

Reading a physical map is a thing of the past – help your kids learn this lost art by making a fun game of it! You could choose a country on the computer and then find it on a paper map, or follow a family member’s travels by mapping out their route on a physical map.

Take it up a notch and have the kids create their own dream road trip! They could draw out the routes they’d take, what sites to stop and see along the way – and who knows, maybe one day they’ll take the map with them on their very own road trip, or the family could do the trip together!

Hand Made Kids Art digital flower craft.

Flowers with a Digital Flair

Take craft time to the next level with some digital flower bouquet designs! This super simple and fun craft from Kids Steam Lab walks you through how to draw your design, upload it to a free photo editing program and make some creative magic right from your computer! These make great gift ideas, too – it’s a win-win.

For more fun with technology, cool events and even some awesome prizes, make sure to sign up for our Kids Club! It’s fun, free and just for kids ages 2-12. Learn more and sign up today!