Privacy Policy: We Just Say “No” to Sharing

How We Keep Your Info Secure

There has been a lot on the news lately about company privacy policies. Why is that, exactly?


Earlier this year, Congress overturned the Internet Privacy Regulation – basically a rule that says internet service providers (ISPs), such as United and Turtle Mountain Communications, must get customers’ permission before selling their information to advertisers or other third parties.


Due to this action by Congress, many people have questioned privacy policies and how their information is being handled by their ISP. We want you to know that at United and Turtle Mountain Communications, we’ve always stood for customer privacy from the beginning and we have no intention of selling or freely distributing private customer information, regardless of whether or not it is allowed by law.


"We're serious about keeping our customer's personal information private." - Perry Oster General Manager


We have a long history of maintaining the private information we receive from customers in the normal course of providing our services, and we work hard to serve our customers through new and exciting products and services – all while remaining sensitive to privacy issues.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us today.