Playing in Winter: Online, Indoors, and Outdoors

Young boy with winter hat on smiles up at falling snow.

Speedy is excited to show you more hands-on winter activities! What better way to find what to do on a cold day than to use your resources online? You’re in luck – Speedy has roamed the internet and gathered some great links with more winter activities below. Take a look!

Winter Wonders

Have you ever wondered why we have winter or why the snow falls each year? If you’ve pondered where the snow comes from, take a look at this video to learn about why we have winter along with some facts about the chilliest season of the year!

Learn About Online Safety

If you’re going to spend the rest of your snow day inside looking at videos or for fun facts online, it’s a good thing to remember the 5 internet safety tips when doing anything online!

  1. Don’t give out personal information
  2. Never send pictures to strangers
  3. Keep passwords private
  4. Don’t download anything without permission
  5. Tell an adult if you receive a mean or strange message

While the internet is full of fun activities and good ideas, and it can teach you a whole bunch about winter and the world, safety should always be on your mind, whether you’re playing outdoors, indoors, or on the internet!

Test your Skills Outdoors

Itching to get out of the house and play outside? Put on your coat and gloves and get your body moving! Invite your friends to have a dance-off in the snow. Try out your best moves and see who can make the most detailed dance. You could even end with a snow angel for extra style points!

Young girl in a blue coat and pink hat and boots dancing and smiling in the snow.

After you’ve gotten a physical workout from dancing, challenge your gaming skills with a few rounds of tic-tac-snow! Give yourself and your friends time to go out and find things in nature to use for your X’s and O’s, and then draw your game out in the snow with a stick.

Young boy and young girl play tic-tac-toe with sticks and a pinecone on a board drawn in the snow.

Explore the World Inside

Once you’re done outside, there are still more wondrous winter ideas waiting for you indoors. Capture the scents of winter in bottles with this fun experiment and try to see which smells you can guess. Mix it up by changing the colors of the water and having your friends and family guess, too!

Three clear, rectangular, tall closed containers with liquid, pine branch pieces, and cinnamon sticks inside.

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