On-The-Go TV Recording Made Easy

The app your TV-loving heart has been longing for: ManageMyTVs. This handy app lets you schedule and manage your DVR recordings from any devices, anywhere. It will make your digital TV experience better than ever.


Taking a trip but couldn’t bear the thought of missing your favorite show? Peruse the program guide and schedule a recording right from your phone. Lost the remote to the dark depths of the couch for the third time this week? Use your tablet as a remote – all with the ManageMyTVs app.


What all can this app do?


Manage all DVR recordings including scheduling a one-time event or a series, view current recordings, and organize recordings in folders. It’s TV heaven on your mobile device.

View and search the TV program guide
so you know what’s coming up and what you need to schedule, while taking mental notes of when to make popcorn.

Filter channels on the TV program guide by Subscribed and Favorites
to make finding your go-to programs easier than ever, with ninja-like speed.

View a list of recordings from all DVR-enabled set-top boxes
so you can make sure you’ve got every show or program you could ever want to watch secured, just patiently waiting for you to watch.

Perform remote control functions,
including changing channels, conveniently making your mobile device a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment.


How do I sign up for the ManageMyTVs mobile app?


Are you now at the stage of day-dreaming about how this is going to make your TV-watching festivities that much better? We’re in the same boat. What could possibly make this app rock more? It’s only $1 a month! Get signed up for ManageMyTVs and amplify your TV recording experience today by giving your local office a call. Happy watching!