Kids Club: Mother’s Day Edition

Mother’s Day will be here soon—make sure you treat your precious mom to a wonderful day she’ll never forget! Here are a few ideas for some memorable crafts and helpful tasks you can do to make this Mother’s Day a special one. Grab a grownup that can give you a helping hand, and get to work to show your mom how much you appreciate her!

Keepsake Craft

Give a gift that your mom can keep using every day! These adorable homemade Handprint Tulip Towels from I Can Teach My Child are easy to make and sure to be something your mama will treasure for years to come! Get the list of supplies and full instructions here.

Handprint Tulip Towels Mother's Day craft

Relaxing Treat

All the mothers out there work extremely hard every day; treat yours to a lovely, relaxing homemade sugar scrub! This simple recipe from Reasons to Skip the Housework takes just a handful of household ingredients and 5 minutes to make. Get all the details and how-to tips here!

Household Help

What would Mom really love more than anything on this special Mother’s Day? Some well-deserved help around the house! Any help is appreciated – wash the car, clean up your room, wash the dishes, do this week’s laundry – whatever you can think of, tackle it and let Mom relax!

Can’t wait to get started on your Mother’s Day crafts and surprise Mom with a much-needed, relaxing day off? We’d love to see your awesome work; share your crafts and activities with us on our Facebook page!