Kids Club Fun: Earth Day Edition

Happy Earth Day

To over 7 billion people, Earth is the amazing planet we all call home. Earth Day is the perfect time to celebrate our wonderful globe and learn about the different ways we can do our part to take care of Mother Earth. Here are some cool activities and great ways you can take part in this environmentally-friendly holiday!


DIY Succulent Garden


One of the best ways to get in the Earth Day spirit is to go outside and stick your hands in the dirt! With the help of just a few simple supplies like a pot, soil, rocks and plants, you will be having fun that is out of this world in no time with this DIY Succulent Garden tutorial:



Earth fun fact - what is the Earth's circumference?


Recycled Crafts


Reducing waste and reusing material as much as possible are excellent ways to pay tribute to Mother Earth! There are tons of fun ways we can turn what would be garbage into cool crafts and activities. Here are a couple of our favorites to try out this Earth Day for a swimmingly good time – recycled cork boats and egg carton turtles!


Cork boat craft

Turtle craft


Earth fun fact - how old is the Earth?



Clean Your Neighborhood


Get your friends and family together for a good old-fashioned Earth Day cleaning extravaganza! Grab some gloves and garbage bags and pick up trash around your neighborhood or favorite park. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and all that our planet has to offer, while also volunteering your time to help keep our Earth healthy!


We hope you and your families have the best time celebrating our planet! To keep up with all the best holiday activities, fun crafts, cool events and more, join our Kids Club today! It’s fun, free and just for kids. Get all the details on how to sign up here.


Happy Earth Day!