How to Manage Your Home Internet from Your Phone

Man holding cellphone with SmartWiFi by UTMA on screen.

Looking to easily access and control your internet network settings and features from your cellphone? SmartWiFi by UTMA lets you take your home internet performance and management to a new level.

This handy app is free (with some optional enhanced feature purchases) and lets you control your Wi-Fi equipment and manage connections – right from your iOS or Android mobile device.

How does SmartWiFi work?

Used with your Managed Wireless service, SmartWiFi connects with your powerful equipment and associates itself with your internet customer account to allow you to manage the Wi-Fi in your home like never before. You’ll be troubleshooting connection issues like a pro in no time.

What can you do with SmartWiFi? 

The SmartWiFi by UTMA app lets you:

Change Wi-Fi passwords – Easily view and change Wi-Fi passwords to your home and guest networks.

Set up users and associate devices to users – 
Establish individual users accessing the network and organize the devices each person uses.

Control access rules per user – 
You also have the option to upgrade to ExperienceIQTM, an enhanced parental control feature for additional access management functionality, apply filters to certain apps and limit the amount of time users access the network in a day.

Create and manage guest network – 
Let guests enjoy their own network to access your home’s internet.

Monitor traffic in real time – 
What traffic types and rates is your network experiencing? View them in real time for an accurate look at your Wi-Fi’s overall traffic.

Secure your network –
ProtectIQTM is an optional upgrade feature that offers an extra layer of protection against malicious traffic to your network by scanning incoming data for viruses and security threats.

See full list of features on our product user guide. To add upgraded features, contact your local office.

How do I set up SmartWiFi? 

Setting up your SmartWiFi app is a cinch: start by downloading the SmartWiFi by UTMA app from the App Store or Google Play.

Ready? Use these links to get started:

Quick Start Guide

Product User Guide

Once the app is associated with your equipment, you will be able to manage your Wi-Fi with ease. Have questions about implementing the SmartWiFi by UTMA app or Managed Wireless into your internet services? We’re happy to help – give our friendly staff a call today.