How Gig-Certified Internet Providers are Strengthening Rural Communities

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There was a time when living in a rural community meant doing without high-speed internet, but that stereotype is gradually becoming a relic. All over America, telecom providers are working hard to earn the NTCA’s coveted designation of Smart Rural Communities (SRCs).

Since the first phase of our fiber installation nearly 20 years ago, United and Turtle Mountain Communications has been connecting neighbors, families, businesses, and vital services with the fastest internet speeds available. Now, with the advent of gigabit internet, the internet connections we offer are faster than ever before, with even more advancements in internet speed on the horizon. United and Turtle Mountain Communications was designated a Gig-Certified Provider by NTCA in 2017, and officially became a Smart Rural Community provider in 2019.

One gigabit of data transfer per second is equivalent to one billion bits per second. With such blazing download and upload speeds, uninterrupted video calls, and the capacity to handle multiple devices simultaneously in the same Wi-Fi network, you can get more done in less time. It’s the perfect solution for busy households or businesses where multiple users are using bandwidth at the same time.

As many parts of the country have not implemented gig service yet, this technology is still relatively new. Northern and north-central North Dakota has an advantage over other regions in this regard, being one of the few rural areas to offer gigabit internet.

Investing in Our Communities

NTCA, the Rural Broadband Association, has stringent requirements for SRC providers. A provider must offer 100 Mbps broadband to at least 50% of its service area, as well as having a minimum of 50% broadband subscription rates. Finally, the provider must be an NTCA member in good standing and be committed to SRC principles and collaborative innovation.  

What this means for you is that rural broadband networks are in place to make small-town communities especially desirable places to live, serving the economic, healthcare, and education sectors and more. This broadband access facilitates the connectivity that has become essential in our everyday lives. From telemedicine to online learning, to working from home, and everything else we rely on the internet for, having broadband makes the world more accessible to the rural communities we call home.

Smart Rural Community Gig-Capable Provider

Installing fiber and delivering gig capabilities are about so much more than staying on the cutting edge of technology. We care about the prosperity of our rural communities, and recognize that telecom services play an integral role in the success and wellbeing of our families, local businesses, and farms.

Importantly, gig internet goes beyond the convenience of buffer-free streaming and staying competitive while gaming online. Many of the amenities we have traditionally associated with proximity to large population centers, such as world-class healthcare and education, are becoming more accessible in rural areas thanks to the power of gig. Such entities utilize gigabit internet and are establishing a presence in smaller communities where gig internet is offered. No longer do families have to choose between the high-speed internet they need and the small-town lifestyle they might prefer.

Getting in on Gig

Are you ready to experience the difference gig internet can make in your life? Whether it’s Business Gig to help your business run with maximum efficiency, or Gig-Antic for your family members to be able to study, play, and be entertained as never before, sign up for the services that meet your needs or contact us to learn more.

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