Hometown Service Just Got GIG

Jump into the fast lane for all your online experiences. Our one-GIG service is the fastest internet connection around, giving you the power to do whatever it is you love using the internet for – faster than ever.


With all of today’s smart devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, appliances, automation systems – this super-speed service is perfect for any home or office that uses multiple devices at the same time. It’s the internet of the future; the one you’ve been waiting for.


How many devices do you have?


Love streaming your favorite TV shows online? No problem; you can even download an episode in three seconds. Can’t wait to download that album you’ve been dying to listen to? We’ve got you; download 25 songs in one second. Want to download a full HD movie to watch later? Piece of cake; it only takes 36 seconds. How about doing all three at the same time across several devices in your home or office? GIG-capable service allows you to do all this and so much more in mere seconds, with its lightning-fast connection.


What does this mean for you?


Ready to start your GIG experience today? Call your local office to sign up and start enjoying the area’s fastest internet today!