Family-Friendly Fall: Autumn-Inspired Fun for Everyone

Frosty leaf on a branch

The intricate icy morning frost, the crisp chill in the air, the warm and inviting aroma of a hot spiced beverage; there is something about the beauty of this changing season that feels like home.


Take advantage of everything autumn has to offer with these fall-inspired ideas for the whole family, from home and adventure to treats and games!

 Jars of apple juice and red apples


Homemade Apple Cider



It’s apple season, y’all! Fall is this delicious fruit favorite’s season to shine. Homemade apple cider is the best way to get your taste buds in the leaf-loving spirit. Make this classic apple-cinnamon beverage in a slow cooker for a yummy drink – and an autumn-azing smelling kitchen – with this recipe.



Fabric leaves hanging from a string


DIY Autumn Accents



Warm your heart and home with autumn accents from this adorable array of fall home craft projects:



 Several colorful gourds


Hello Gourd-geous



Get the gourds while the gourd-gettin’ is good! A prime time to try new delicious recipes with this heart-healthy ingredient is the ever-wonderful autumn with its array of beautiful gourd batches.


What are some ways to use gourds in your food? We have some gourd-rich ideas to get you started:


  • Squash – 9 different kid-friendly squash recipes to put to the test this season.
  • Zucchini – 8 ways to zest up your zucchini in a way the whole family will enjoy.
  • Pumpkin – 9 delectable ways to relish this fall favorite that all ages can dig.


 Mother and child walking in the snow.


Take a Hike



The chill may cut fall short at times in the Red River Valley, but that doesn’t keep us from enjoying autumn all the same! Pick a day when the sun is shining and bundle up for a nature hike. Hit your favorite local nature spots, or make a family fall road trip out of it and travel to one of these famous North Dakota trails.


Have some little ones that aren’t as keen on a nature walk? Here are some different ways you can get kids excited about hiking and keep them motivated all the way through:


  • Scavenger Hunt – Put together a list of nature items and get the family together for a scavenger hunt. Make it a team effort or a competition, by awarding a prize to whoever finds the most items on the list!



  • Seek Signs of Wildlife – What better time than on a hike to stop and smell the flowers, feel the animal prints and count the different kinds of birds?



Fall in love with autumn all over again with these festive activities the whole crew, from 1 to 92, will be all about. Keep us posted on your autumn adventures by sharing your photos with us on Facebook!