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We're the service provider that businesses in North Dakota have relied on for more than 60 years. We work hard to provide our customers with the most dependable and convenient service possible, from phone systems to internet and data services. Whether you're looking for basic services or some with all the extras, we have an option to fit your business.

Internet for Business

We utilize an innovative fiber-optic network* to make sure that you get the online information your business needs, without having to wait. With blazing speeds and superior dependability, you’ll enjoy one of the fastest internet connections around. It’s the kind of internet and service that makes great business sense.

For help in developing a service plan that will keep your business connected, contact our specialists today!

High-Speed Internet*

With our gig-capable high-speed internet service, you’ll enjoy constant reliable connections, assistance from local technicians, convenient data services, and unlimited usage. Our fiber-optic network delivers a significantly faster and more reliable signal than other connections, with virtually unlimited space for advanced services so your business can stay connected with the ultra-fast internet it needs.


Our team of experienced, certified wiring specialists can handle just about any situation, including custom wiring for your business. When you partner with us, you can feel confident knowing that everything is done at a high standard.

Offsite Backup

Let us support your business and put your backup server in our office. By keeping your backup server with us, you know that the important files that are critical to your business are kept safe and secure. Plus, ask us about our available static IP addresses. Contact us today.

Additional Services

Firewall – keep your computers and vital information secure.

Virtual Private Network – stay connected to your corporate network anywhere in the U.S.

Wireless – take your computer network to the next level.

*Available only in certain areas. Some service charges may apply. Contact us for more details.
GIG certified

To sign up for internet services or to receive more information, please contact us today.

Need help choosing your business’s service plan? Call your local office to take advantage of our consulting services today.

Digital TV for Business

We provide the best in sound and picture quality, offering hundreds of crystal-clear channels in an assortment of PACs to fit the needs of your business. Delivered through our innovative and reliable fiber-optic* network, your favorite programs will look better than ever on your television and our high-definition lineup will make a huge impression on any HD TV.

DVR Service

Watch the programs you need to stay up-to-date and in the know when it's convenient for you and your business’s team with our DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service. Automatically record important segments for your next meeting, record two programs at once, or watch one show on your lunch break while recording another – all without the hassle of videotapes. Plus, it lets you pause and rewind live TV, so you never miss a minute. With our DVR service, all you need is your remote control.


To view our Set Top Box and Remote Control Polices, click here.

Business TV Services

Digital Telephone for Business

Whether you’re a large company utilizing numerous phone lines and frequently calling long-distance, a small business looking for something basic to make local calls, or somewhere in between, our digital telephone for business services have a wide variety of calling features to suit your business’s needs. Delivered through our reliable fiber-optic network* for a superior experience, our telephone service provides the highest sound quality and crystal-clear conversations every time you pick up the phone.

*Not currently available in all areas.