3 Easy Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make for Parents’ Day

Child’s hand coloring next to jar of crayons.

Parents’ Day is coming up on July 26, 2020, and there are lots of fun ways to show some extra love to these special folks! If you’re a parent, grandparent or guardian, help the kids in your life celebrate the people they look up to most with some of these super-simple homemade keepsake items that they can made themselves.

Handprint Art

Handprint thumbprint heart craft.

Put your thumbprint on their heart with these cute handprint works of art from Rhythms of Play! They require just a couple of materials to make and are super simple by following just 4 steps.

No canvas or wood lying around? Get crafty! Use some leftover cardboard from some of those boxes you’ve had delivered in the mail or some old paper that can be covered in paint.

Upcycled Key Wind Chime

Homemade wind chime with keys.

Have some old keys lying around that you have no idea what they’re for? Upcycle them in the name of parent appreciation!

A super-cute way to reuse some old keys is to create a fun homemade key wind chime that is easy for kids and makes an awesome Parents’ Day gift. Grab the handful of materials you’ll need and help the kids make this fun outdoor decoration from Inner Child Fun.

Decorate Golf Balls

Handprint thumbprint heart craft.

Have a golf-lover to celebrate on Parents’ Day? Make a hole in one gift with this great idea from Laughing Kids Learn!

All you need for this is some golf balls and permanent markers. These are sure to help your parent or Parents’ Day recipient stand out on the golf course! (Pro tip: you can buy used golf balls inexpensively at most stores that sell sporting goods – ask your local shopping center!)

For more fun kids activities, crafts, games and more, make sure to join our Kids Club! Our team at United & Turtle Mountain Communications joins in wishing all parents out there a super Parents’ Day – you deserve it!